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WANTED: Teachers' Union Concessions


It is necessary for the good of our children’s education and the survival of the (East Islip) community that the new teachers’ contract includes the following:

1. A two year contract with a sunset clause

2. Eliminate the Welfare Trust Fund

3. A two (2) year wage freeze.

4. A 25% employee contribution to the health benefits package

5. A seven (7) hour work day

6. No aides unless mandated by Special Education Law.

7. Step increases limited to 5. One (1) every two (2) years. Along with a salary cap of $85K

8. Only accredited courses to be considered for salary increases which would be limited to:
A. Masters +15
B. Masters +30

9. Maximum Class size increased to 26


Additionally, we would also appreciate your immediate changes in Board Policy to include:

1. No home suspensions unless the Suffolk County Police are involved. And with Hollins House being used for serious offenders, manned by substitutes.


2. Chronic illnesses requiring home tutoring for a minimum of three (3) hours per week.


3. No substitute teachers utilized for teachers in the building, i.e., meetings, etc…

4. Curriculum to be written by Department Heads only. If teacher input is required, it is to be limited to three (3) hours per subject.

5. Guidance to be a 12 month position, with no salary increase.

6. No stipends to be paid for principals for summer.

7. Summer school rate to be increased for both in and out of district students.

8. Reduce the number of coaches per sport. Every attempt is to be made to get parents to volunteer to coach without salary before hiring a teacher.


9. Eliminate all non-mandated personnel, i.e., Special Ed Director, reduce number of assistant principals in high school and middle school. Reduce # of Doctors, Psychologists, Nurses and Social Workers.





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