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A Message from the Founder of SchoolWatch

I know there are a lot of good things about many school districts; we have some excellent teachers and coaches, etc. But, there are also a lot of things that need improvement, i.e., ineffective personnel; (administrators, Special Education Directors, school principals, school psychologists, district physicians, consulting legal council), just to name a few. In my opinion they have not been responsibly servicing our children, and they have not been held accountable. I have known many families whose concerns were not appropriately addressed in many school related issues. AND I'M NOT ONLY TALKING ABOUT SPECIAL EDUCATION!  


IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR SCHOOLS! This cannot be achieved by calling meetings by invitation only! This is a major undertaking and can only be achieved working collectively with the entire community’s involvement, in a totally open forum. And that in essence is what SchoolWatch is about – Making your school district better than it ever was!


George Deabold

Founder, Chairman and Executive Director of SchoolWatch





  A Message from the President and Cofounder of SchoolWatch

SchoolWatch, originally a school advocacy group with interests primarily in special education, has quickly become a driving force for change in school districts across Long Island and throughout New York State. We are keeping ours eyes on school spending and making it our business to point out waste, mismanagement, and abuse in hopes that the schools, District Offices, Boards of Education and the Teachers Union, get the message - WE NEED THE EDUCATION SYSTEM TO SUPPORT AND CONTRIBUTE, AND HOPEFULLY BETTER THE COMMUNITY, NOT BANKRUPT IT!


We strongly believe that property taxes, primarily driven by out of control school spending, have become public enemy #1 to Long Island homeowners. Seniors on fixed incomes are being forced to leave our once proud and prosperous communities. And, if we remain complacent, we will be next! 


In this economy, where people have been outsourced, and downsized, where many have to work two and three jobs to make ends meet, the simple argument of "Doing it for the kids" does not resonate. It's a case where people can not afford it anymore! If you work in today's business world it is tough to swallow a teacher contract that is not in line with what is going on in corporate America. Teachers Unions, School Administrations and the Boards of Education need to realize that enough is enough! Schools need to tighten their belts now! 


We invite you to contact our organization regarding any  wasteful spending, unsafe conditions, fraud and abuse that you may have uncovered at your school and strongly urge you to consider becoming a member.


As a member, you will receive our e-mail alerts and will be kept informed of current issues such as Education Reform, Property Tax Reform, Teachers Contract Negotiations, and any pertinent legislative actions as well as any ongoing school corruption probes. You will also be invited to attend our general meetings, meet with our members, and to listen to speakers who will keep you informed on pertinent issues.


Perhaps most importantly, as a member you will also have access to our community-based collective network and knowledge base as well as extremely effective child advocacy services. Our organization is also associated with several attorneys who share our views and provide our members with additional tools for obtaining justice.


By joining us in our fight, you will not only benefit from our considerable expertise – you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you took a stand to protect your rights as a community member!


Frank M. Gerace

Cofounder and President of SchoolWatch







SchoolWatch - It's time!