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Islip Superintendant  & Islip Board of Education

Islip Public Union Free School District (IUFSD)

211 Main Street

Islip, NY 1751                                                                                    July 26, 2007



Dear   Mr. Van Cott,  Mrs. Catherine Romano,  Mr. Nelson Couvetier,  Mrs. Mary Dennis,

Mr. Thomas Leggio,  Mr. Al Cooley,   Mrs. Laura Paehr  and  Mrs. Myrill Solaski

            It has been brought to the attention of the Islip SchoolWatch that the Islip School District has been in non-compliance to the  FAPE Law (Free and Appropriate Public Education). On December 01, 2006 all New York School Districts were notified by the New York State Education Department  that  school districts must  provide to students calculators and other non expendable items such as protractors and compasses; and under no circumstances  should a student be charged or otherwise be requested to purchase any of the above mentioned non-consumable items. If you need a copy of the NYSED December 01, 2006 letter, Please follow this link to obtain said letter,

 As per the New York State Education Department, student   “supplies” are defined as something which is consumed in use, loses its appearance and shape in use, is expendable and inexpensive. Calculator’s, protractors and compasses do not fall into this category and therefore should not be included on the student’s supply list. As of June 2007, Islip Public Schools last published and distributed Student Supply List includes all three of these items.
            We request the following action be completed so Islip School District is in compliance to the December 01, 2006 NYSED letter and Free and Appropriate Public Education Law (FAPE).

 1. A letter is to be sent from IUFSD to all parents of Islip students notifying them of the changes in the supply list, no later than the second week of August.

 2. A second letter is to be sent from IUFSD, it is to be enclosed within the Welcome Back
Packet and an updated supply list sent out to all the parents for all grade levels of Islip Students.

 3. IUFSD will prepare and distribute an updated supply list for all grades, This updated Supply List will  be sent out to all local school supply stores, no later than then mailing of the Welcome Back Packet to Islip Students/Parents. Please forward us a list of the store receipt confirmation along with a copy of what they received.


4. IUFSD will distribute prior to September 3, 2007, a detailed letter in all Islip School District staff mailboxes informing them of  Islip’s changes to the Student Supply List  and current compliance to the N.Y. State Education Departments Dec. 1, 2006 letter, explaining what “student supplies” are and what “consumed in use” means.


            It is imperative that the actions specified above are implemented in a timely manner. We ask that you  keep up updated via our E-mail address so we may share your successes. If the above actions are not taken, Islip SchoolWatch may need to make it publically known that Islip Union Free School District is in non-compliance to the December 01, 2006 NYSED letter and Free and Appropriate Public Education Law (FAPE)  and has been knowingly been in non-compliance since December 2006 and a Civil Action Suit for reimbursement may be considered.
            Let it be known that we are a proactive community-based collective striving to promote transparency and fiscal responsibility, as well as compliance with New York mandated regulations with all school districts. Our intentions are to achieve Excellence for all in Islip. Any and all corrective actions made by The Islip Union Free School District will be considered and may be made publicized.  Please send all correspondence to  Your immediate attention would be  greatly appreciated. We look forward to working together to build a stronger community.  
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