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"A Community Organization Dedicated To Better Schools"

Our Mission:

We are a proactive grassroots, community based collective striving to promote transparency and fiscal responsibility, as well as compliance with New York State mandated regulations within all school districts. The ultimate aim of which is the overall elimination of red tape and wasteful spending while concurrently promoting safety in all our schools. We are a progressive outlet committed to amplifying the voices of everyday people. Our organization involves volunteer participants and allied collectives organized along the principles of open and transparent decision-making processes, open public meetings and forums, and consensus building. The price of ignorance is extremely high! For that reason, we remain committed to being ever vigilant and watchful.





SchoolWatch Fights for:

  • The entire community – not just special interests!
  • Transparency and fiscal responsibility in schools
  • Educational  and Property Tax reform
  • Fair contract negotiations in collective bargaining situations
  • Adequate funding for State mandated services
  • Alternatives to property taxation in funding of schools
  • Students to receive free appropriate educations
  • Safe schools and healthy educational environments
  • Uncovering school waste and mismanagement, corruption, and fraud



Message From The Founders

Teachers Union Shenanigans

Law Firms - Scandal?

Boycott These School Law Firms

Call For Transparency!!!

SRO - The Inside Scoop

Education Links

Education And Taxes

SchoolWatch News

Frank Gerace - My East Islip Blog




 "The important thing is not to stop questioning."

Albert Einstein

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