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We as taxpayers simply cannot sit back and continue to feed these “fat cat” lawyers and their firms that have been raping us for years.  Millions of dollars have been stuffed in the pockets of these firms and attorneys, and it must stop.  Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is investigating this matter, along with the FBI, but no criminal charges have yet been filed. Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli seems to be attempting to stay ahead of Cuomo as an apologist for the conduct of these lawyers.  DiNapoli knew of these arrangements, identified them during an audit, but failed to report them in the audit in violation of his sworn duties as Comptroller. School Watch and the citizens of New York are beginning to wonder whether any action will be taken against these firms or attorneys.  Meanwhile, they continue to “feed at the public trough” and you and I are footing the bill.


We citizens need to cause the money flowing to these corrupt lawyers and firms to STOP, and stop now!  This tax money was intended to serve the needs of children by providing them the free, public education to which they are entitled.  Instead, it has been used to expand the girth of attorneys like Larry Reich and other partners at these corrupt law firms.  These firms have stolen from our children, and we have to take action to bolt the doors of our schools to these law firms so that they do not continue to steal our children’s futures.


Already, these firms have shifted gears to make up for the loss of income from this scandal.  As they are cut off from pension benefits, health insurance benefits, and other income that they generated from their past practices, new means of raping the school taxpayer are being devised.  Parents’ lawyers across the State of New York are reporting to SchoolWatch that these law firms are becoming more litigious, apparently to generate higher fees on the work that they have in order to make up losses related to this scandal.  It is becoming very clear; THESE FIRMS ARE GOING TO GET THEIR MONEY ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.


There is only one way to stop these firms from continuing to rape the taxpayers, and that is for them to be denied the opportunity to have their hands in our pockets.  There is rumor trickling out of Albany that part of any deal brokered for these individual lawyers may include them being barred from representing school districts for a period of time.  This is an outrage!  The conduct they have displayed should cause them to be disbarred from the practice of law! It should cause them to serve time in prison! But it appears Cuomo’s office too may be willing to compromise its integrity because of political pressure.


Nevertheless, as a community we can do something so that at least this rape of the taxpayers by unethical attorneys comes to an end.  School Watch is calling for local communities and school districts to end all business with these corrupt law firms and attorneys.  Yes, a BOYCOTT.  Let’s hit them where we know it hurts. 


Face it -- should our school districts and other public entities continue to use these firms, we the taxpayers will be funding these lawyers criminal defense.  Let them pay for their criminal defense lawyers with the money they have already stolen from us. Let’s not continue to fund their criminal defense.


SchoolWatch is calling for the communities of New York State to BOYCOTT those firms and attorneys involved in the pension scandal.  We will add to this list as more are linked to this scandal.


Those currently identified include:



Ehrlich, Frazer and Feldman

Girvin & Ferlazzo

Ingerman Smith

Hogan & Sarzynski

Jaspan, Schlesinger and Hoffman




Cahill, M. Cornelia

Cullen, William M.

D'Agostino, Albert

Deboy, Thomas

DeSibio, Nicholas

Englander, William

Ehrlich, Jerome

Ferlazzo, Salvatore

Ginsberg, Eugene

Girvin, James

Harris, Maureen

Henoch, Gil

Hoffman, Carol

Hogan, John

Honeywell, Jeffrey

Lanchantin, Kristine

Lipp, George Jr.

Minerva, Dominick

Nicolello, Richard

Reich, Lawrence

Smolev, Terrence

Van Nostrand, LeRoy

Wolverton, Kathy Ann


(Note: Guercio & Guercio is also being included in this boycott, not because they have been identified in this scandal, yet, but because of other unethical conduct that they have engaged in.  Please see or  to learn more.)   



SchoolWatch quoted in Newsday April 26,2008. See link below:,0,4562080.story



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