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Charter Schools


May 7, 2008

Contact: (800) 521-2118

Did You Know ... The Public Greatly Supports Charter Schools!

Washington, D.C., (5/7/08) - Even the best written laws cannot alone create thriving charter schools. It takes public support - and a healthy dose of public awareness.

A new study from The Center for Education Reform, America's Attitudes Toward Charter Schools, demonstrates that public support for charters is rooted in Americans' appreciation of innovation, accountability and diversity. The challenge is that fewer than 20 percent of the public is aware of the concept of charter schools and the fact that they are public. But CER has found that information is power! Greater awareness results in greater support for charter schools. A look at longitudinal survey research, in partnership with the polling co., inc. shows these trends and more.

Documented tri-partisan support across Democrats, Independents and Republicans will continue to fuel the drive for more and better educational opportunities for children.

This week is National Charter Schools Week. Get connected today! Visit The Center for Education Reform at

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The Center for Education Reform drives the creation of better educational opportunities for all children by leading parents, policymakers and the media in boldly advocating for school choice, advancing the charter school movement, and challenging the education establishment. The Center for Education Reform changes laws, minds and cultures to allow good schools to flourish.

The Center for Education Reform
(tel) 800-520-2118 301-986-8088 (fax) 301-986-1826


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